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  • nuevaAll of these reusable water bottles can help save the planet while they save you up to 40% off
    It's just a water bottle, right? Wrong. A decade ago, most of us loved the convenience of bottled water. Now, a plastic water bottle has undergone a public perception metamorphosis. What was once the height of ease and simplicity is now basically vie…
    - Hace 13 minutos, 23 Jan 21, 8:30pm -
  • nuevaThe international tempest over the world's most famous teapot
    In 1879, English designer Christopher Dresser produced a small silver teapot in a sleek, geometric design. It wasn't practical enough to be mass-produced, so it remained a design concept. The modernistic design was decades ahead of its time, which on…
    - Hace 18 minutos, 23 Jan 21, 8:25pm -
  • nuevaOne man's search for the exact shade of "Apple Beige"
    With the apple ][ in 1977, Apple ushered in a case color that had an outside influence. But what are the exact values of Apple beige? Ben Zotto took a deep dive and found the answer in a bottle of paint. — Read the rest
    - Hace 18 minutos, 23 Jan 21, 8:25pm -
  • nuevaVery well-trained dogs all know their names
    Bri Benton's border collies and other delightful doggos have been impressively trained to hold until called by name. @sostarbcs #stitch with @emileedoglady because without name recognition you have nothing #dogtraining #bordercollies #dogsoftik…
    - Hace 18 minutos, 23 Jan 21, 8:25pm -
  • nuevaDouble-sided embroidery with different images
    In this remarkable double-sided embroidery, one artisan embroiders a dog on one side, the other artisan creates a monkey on the other. This art form originated in Suzhou province about 2000 years ago, according to People's Daily.Image: YouT…
    - Hace 18 minutos, 23 Jan 21, 8:25pm -
  • nuevaBojack Horseman theme on harp
    Naomi SV is harpin' around with her heavenly harp cover of Grouplove's "Back in the 90s," aka the Bojack Horseman theme.I also love her cover of Tom Waits' "Green Grass" with a special guest deer.Image: YouTube / Naomi SV
    - Hace 18 minutos, 23 Jan 21, 8:25pm -
  • nuevaR.I.P. Gregory Sierra
    Gregory Sierra, the ubiquitous actor from the 70s and 80s has passed away from cancer at the age of 83. Primarily playing Latin characters, Sierra worked extensively to lose his Puerto Rican accent and vary the types of roles he could play. — Read…
    - Hace 18 minutos, 23 Jan 21, 8:25pm -
  • nuevaGender-neutral playing cards
    Indy Mellink, a Dutch woman who loves card games, always found the gendered ranking of the face cards kind of weird — the king above the queen, the queen above the jack. So she designed a gender-neutral deck, replacing the personalities on the…
    - Hace 19 minutos, 23 Jan 21, 8:24pm -
  • nuevaStudy discovers how butterfly wings repel the brutal impact of raindrops
    To a butterfly, getting hit by a raindrop is roughly analogous to a human getting hit by a bowling ball made of water, as the scientist Sunghwan Jung notes in this video. So how do butterflies — pretty delicate creatures — keep from getting…
    - Hace 19 minutos, 23 Jan 21, 8:24pm -
  • Tennessee cops' arrest of man over disrespectful photoshop draws wide attention to it
    A Tennessee man, presumably disenchanted with local law enforcement, posted the above image to social media. The image shows two people urinating on a headstone crudely edited to include a portrait of Sgt Daniel Baker, a Dickson County cop who was ki…
    - Hace 4 horas, 23 Jan 21, 5:08pm -


  • How To Spot Casino Cheaters
    If you were to watch Ocean’s 11 or Casino Royale you would believe that casinos are full of glam and cheating a casino is simple. Cheating in casinos is not as easy as it seems and trying to spot a cheater is even harder. Casino owners lives would…
    - Hace 8 días, 15 Jan 21, 2:33pm -
  • Online Bingo Jackpots Explained
    All around the world bingo has been a game that has been responsible for a great deal of joy, both because of how incredibly fun it is, and also how much money you can win these days as well. Sure, we all know and love playing bingo in the UK from ha…
    - Hace 8 días, 15 Jan 21, 2:30pm -
  • To Fundraise Globally, First Communicate Locally
    You may have at your fingertips the most powerful software platform for not-for-profits, but that will not help you achieve your goals if you fail to speak, clearly and directly, to your various target audiences. The key to globalizing your not-for-p…
    - Hace 24 días, 30 Dec 20, 3:19pm -
  • How You Can Supercharge Your New Business for 2021
    A new business is undoubtedly an exhilarating venture, as you are forging ahead with a new idea in a competitive industry, hoping to grow a business and realise its overall potential. While the opportunities are endless, it can also be a somewhat ove…
    - Hace 39 días, 15 Dec 20, 10:47pm -
  • Tips For Getting A Better Rate On Your Mortgage
    Buying a home is often one of the proudest moments in our whole lives, especially if it’s our first home. When the deal is done, and we pick up our keys, we pat ourselves on the back for having reached a point in life where we own our own property…
    - Hace 44 días, 10 Dec 20, 6:38pm -
  • How To Win Big At Online Slots
    Most people play slots for the entertainment value and they are an excellent alternative to the usual forms of leisure activities such as watching TV or movies. Slots playing can be a mostly solitary experience unless you have a casino chatroom opene…
    - Hace 46 días, 8 Dec 20, 12:41pm -
  • 5 Basic Online Slot Tips
    If you lose more than you win at slots, you’re not the only one. In fact, you’re in the majority. But if you love to play anyway, despite this, that’s a good thing. It’s totally normal. The best way to play is to just like the game and not ex…
    - Hace 46 días, 8 Dec 20, 12:36pm -
  • Better Maintenance Skills By Better Understanding Torque
    Torque converters of the hydraulic type for the off-highway system have a similar outward appearance and some similarity to fluid flywheels or fluid couplings, which they have already studied. The operation is NOT the same. The conventional fluid cou…
    - Hace 51 días, 3 Dec 20, 2:45pm -
  • Essential Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Cloud Provider
    Over the years, several companies have adopted cloud computing services to secure and backup crucial data. They can quickly access this information when the original data gets corrupted, lost, or during system downtime. However, getting the right clo…
    - Hace 51 días, 3 Dec 20, 2:41pm -
  • Intel Single Board Computer with Windows 10 Application
    It is easy for people to build their credit-card-sized laptop or computer and several other projects like a NAS server using boards at an affordable rate with many SBC like Intel single board computer out there in the market like Raspberry Pi 4. Howe…
    - Hace 51 días, 3 Dec 20, 2:27pm -